The UNGANISHA Diaspora and Community Engagement (UDCE) Project is a full-year multi-faceted action plan, during which time members from Calgary's Caribbean and African community associations will be invited to participate in opportunities for cross-cultural activities leading to greater intercultural understanding, empathy and inclusion.


The UDCE project will create opportunities for our communities to work together in addressing deeper concerns, encourage cultural understanding, and increase social cohesion. New relationships will be established and new communication lines and networks will be developed to give a platform to increase awareness of African and Caribbean community associations, their missions, issues, stories, customs, and events.

We have created new relationships, communication plan and network opportunities to provide a platform that will increase awareness we need within our city to promote further understanding and appreciation of the contribution that Africans, Caribbean’s and other marginalized people have made and continue to make to our culture and society.


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UNGANISHA Professional Networking Mixer (UPNM)

UPNM is an opportunity for African and Caribbean professionals, men and women entrepreneurs and creative’s to network and socialize while being empowered in their cultural identities.

We are creating a relaxed environment for successful individuals to speak candidly, one-on-one, to make a genuine connection. This event will feature exciting networking activities, panel discussions, spotlight on the winner of the 2019 UNGANISHA story writing competition, draw prizes, presentations, entertainments, African and Caribbean cuisine and panel discussions

The panel will be speaking on the theme of "Building Alliance For Excellence".



Steering Committee

The steering committee was created to support and integrate cultural dimensions with community development initiatives by creating inclusivity between communities’ sports and recreation, culture, folk arts and ethnic celebrations, and education at all levels. The committee members come from diverse backgrounds, which create a neutral starting point to co-develop initiatives collaboratively in order to better support strategic cultural priorities in African and Caribbean communities. lt provides a non-threatening, social, educational environment, where people of all-ages can engage with each other. These activities will foster social cohesion, harmony and unity by identifying and nurturing African and Caribbean diaspora communities to work together, by developing new lines of communication, and by creating a new network of community advocates collaborating toward a more inclusive society.

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